a quality brand

Once upon a time…
… there were some beautiful apples that grew in South Tyrol/Südtirol. The fruit of unspoilt nature and offspring of tradition, they grew to be natural and delicious. No one knew about them, because they didn’t have a name…

The story of Marlene® apples could start like this, apples that come directly from the Alps to your table to bring you all their taste and their colour.

In little more than a decade, Marlene® has become a symbol of quality fruit from South Tyrol/Südtirol, as well as the leading Italian brand in terms of apple production and variety offered: sweet and juicy, red, yellow or green. Marlene® is the right choice for every taste!

Marlene® apples are checked one by one and cultivated in keeping with integrated production guidelines: with great care and considerable attention to environmental issues. Moreover, the seven Marlene® apple varieties can be identified by the PGI – Protected Geographical Indication – mark that certifies their South Tyrolean origin.