Many varieties of special origin

South Tyrol is the most extended, connected European region destined to apple farming. The altitude, the Alpine-Mediterranean climate of the Southern side of the Alps, and the long farming tradition give a unique and delicious taste to the South-Tyrolean apples. Marlene® bestows to this tasty, natural product a name.

Marlene: apples rich in variety

Marlene® apples are synonym with guaranteed superior quality and integrated production. Consumers love Marlene® for its wide choice of different varieties, offering everybody the right apple. All seven varieties of Marlene® apples are awarded the European Certification as ‘Mela Alto Adige PGI’ (Protected Geographical Indication), which guarantees their South-Tyrolean origin.

Marlene: the best taste that South Tyrol has to offer

What makes Marlene® apples so special? Aroma and taste are shaped by the unique climate of South Tyrol that pampers them with over 300 sunny days and 2,000 hours of sunlight every year. Furthermore, the wide temperature range, to which the apples are exposed between night and day, promotes crunchiness and the typical color of South-Tyrolean apples.

What’s behind Marlene® …