Bio Marlene: the South-Tyrolean, organically farmed apple

Bio Marlene® apples are the fruit of 187 South-Tyrolean growers’ hard work, commitment, and passion; growers who chose organic farming. Every action in the orchard aims at one ambitious goal: bringing onto the consumers’ tables only the very best Mother Nature can provide.

Tasty by nature

Bio Marlene®, as a brand of the Marlene® family, guarantees high quality, organically farmed apples. Bio Marlene® offers a wide range of varieties, so that everybody can find the apple he or she likes the most. Bio Marlene® apples are regularly inspected through every step of production. At the same time, producers care about preserving biodiversity and the delicate natural equilibrium. Bio Marlene® guarantees you the origin and the controlled and certified quality of your apples.