South Tyrol: the guaranteed flavour of the Alps

What makes apples from South Tyrol different from other apples?
The colour, aroma, taste and freshness of apples from our valleys make South Tyrol a real “apple paradise”. This is primarily because of the excellent climatic conditions and the richness of the soil, and also because of the care that we take to follow nature’s rules, both for organic and integrated cultivation, so that we can always offer the very best apples.

South Tyrol can in fact count on more than 300 days of good weather and some 2,000 hours of sunlight every year, as well as sharp drops in temperature from day to night that stimulate the formation of sugars.

The fruit growers in our cooperatives have also always been committed to protecting the quality of their products, which are selected, processed and packaged in modern, high-tech facilities.

All these ingredients make Marlene® apples unique in terms of colour, size, sugar content and texture.