Early morning stretching to kick-start the body

Start the day with five stretches to wake up your muscles and your brain.

Exercise first thing in the morning is not only great for keeping you in shape, but also for improving your mental well-being. It shakes the sleep out of your muscles and gives just the right amount of endorphins for a great start to the day, countering any stress. The early morning exercise plan which Dorothea Wierer suggests increases muscle length and flexibility.

Stretching of the gluteus

Bend left knee and place left foot on the floor. Place your left hand on the floor, behind the hip. Put your right hand around the left knee and pull your knee to the right while exhaling. Then repeat this exercise on the left side.

Cobra pose

Press the tailbone toward the pubis and push the chest forwards and upwards. With your elbows close to the sides, stretch the arms as high as possible without lifting the shoulders. There should be no stress on the back while doing this.

Stretching the abductors

Begin standing upright, with legs spread apart. Shift the body’s weight towards the right while keeping the left leg tensed, shifting the hip downwards, lifting up the heel and pushing the knee forward until you feel a soft pull along the inside of your thighs. Then switch sides and repeat the exercise.

Stretching of the iliacus muscle

Take a step forward with the left foot and lower the right knee to the floor. Without moving the left leg forward push the hip towards the floor while keeping the spine straight. Repeat the exercise with the right leg.

Equilibrium pose on lower back

From a seated position, lift the knees toward the chest. Concentrate on keeping your balance and breathe calmly and deeply, tightening the abdominals to hold the position.

And after stretching…

To replace the minerals you lost during the physical activity, the ideal is, of course, a breakfast based on apples! Marlene® apples can become the main ingredient of your breakfast: from smoothies prepared with a hand blender to fresh, crisp apple pieces in your muesli.